RE: Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

RE: #01 The Edward’s Recycling Plant

Jones debut video installation is a brutal, compelling and mesmerising piece which begs us to consider excess, consumption, waste and recycling all at the same time.

Inspired by a fascination with the potential of recycling and re-using, Jones’ first piece of this kind steers us towards a tightrope of delicate emotions from guilt of excess and perhaps our own shortcomings with recycling to a genuine relief that the wheels are turning somewhere.

The workers at the Edward’s recycling plant work 12-hour shifts with two 15-minute breaks. When their shift is over the next shift starts and the process continues seamlessly – the conveyor never stops, their work is never done.

On the one hand the relentlessness of this cycle seems depressing but on the other hand it is beautifully reassuring that the they are there day and night sorting and recycling the waste of our lives.

It through this ambiguity of emotion we are asked to consider that positions the piece so poignantly within the zeitgeist of our time.